Motionball Marathon of Sports

On May 25th 2019, I was one of 1000 participants that took part in #Motionball Marathon of Sports. This annual event celebrates people of all abilities in participating in a day full of sports in support of the Speical Olympics. This fundraising eventsponsored by #underarmour, #Air Canada and a hots of others, Motionball showed that all people from whatever circumstances can come together and participate in competitive sports. Oh boy were they ever competitive!! We all met at Downsview Park where in the midst of over 1000 people we were all able to find our tables and our fellow teammates for the day. After a brief introduction to our team, I met a George. George was an older fellow full of spunk, wit and life who let his grit and heart over power his physical limitations. After the introductions and a few housekeeping items we were all set to go on our path of sports for the day.

Our first sport was touch football, I must admit after a few warm ups and running down the field, I was exhausted…Did I mention that it was just warm ups? The highlight of the game is seeing George who must be around 5’3 and has limited sight in one eye, do a two hand catch over 3 people for a touchdown, WOW!

What was even more impressive about George was his sportsmanship; Through out the day He wanted everyone to participate and have fun, especially others who were on the opposite team. When playing ball hockey he would sometimes purposely lose the ball to an opposing player so that they would have a chance to score. If the player did score, George would be one of the first to congratulate them on their achievements. When we played basketball George would grab a defensive rebound and then hand the ball to the opposing player, a girl with special needs she would try to score and miss numerous times, but George showing patience  would keep grabbing the rebound and handing the ball back to her so she can try again. When she did score the crowd erupted in cheers, and George was the first one to celebrate with her, giving her a high five.  George embodied the spirit of motionball and its games.

George helped me realize what happens when people, from all abilities are given a chance to let their light shine. George was competitive, he wanted to win, and he tried to help his team win for most of the games we played….he played well, In frezbiefootball he threw a touchdown, scored a nice backhand goal while playing hockey, made a great assist in basketball. But George also knew about sportsmanship and recognized that winning is great, but what’s most important was having a good time…for OTHERS to have a good time.

Next year Cadence’s Staffing Services will look to put a team together to help raise funds for the Special Olympics and to participate in Motionball Marathon of Sports. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining our team please reach out to me on email at If you like to find out more about motionball please visit their website at Lets create some good times for others!!!


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